Mentor Program

Let us help to connect you with your local Type 1 Diabetes community.

Whether newly diagnosed or living with diabetes for many years, individuals and families coping with the challenges of T1D can often use support. The JDRF Mentor Program matches those needing support with a mentor who has been specially trained to be available and supportive. JDRF mentors have been living with T1D for some time and are voices of experience and hope for those living with T1D. If you think a JDRF Mentor could be of help to you, please contact Sandy Lange, Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter Outreach Manager at, 414-453-4673 or submit the on-line form to Elizabeth Kusak, Adult Type 1 (AT1) Mentor Chairperson at, or Holly Hasler, Family Type 1 (T1D) Mentor Chairperson at

Mentor Request Form