Positively T1D

Each month, the Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter e-Newsletter will feature a positive story about one of our constituents- be it adult, child, or family that lives with T1D in a positive way. Stories will be submitted to the Chapter and the monthly article will be chosen and reviewed and voted for publication by the entire Chapter staff. If you’d like to be considered for an upcoming issue, please submit your article to Sandy Lange, Outreach Manager at slange@jdrf.org.

Jeff Bannink, November 2012

Ellie Kumer, December 2012

Andrew Ferry, January 2013

Shannon Knowski, February 2013

Shawn Michels, March 2013

Michael Gierach, April 2013

Brent Schreibel, May 2013

Ruth McLeod, June 2013

Jeff Costello, July 2013

Walk to Cure Diabetes Participants, August 2013

Joshua Rabideaux, October 2013

Dylan Shaver, November 2013